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Friends with perks really work

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I took a tour of the Facebook office the other day and saw the strangest thing: The machines had computer mice, charging cables, batteries, and, my favorite: I get the mice, batteries, and chargers. Makes sense.

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The basic shit is a decent salary, medical and dental benefits, a k, a work computer, and maybe free lunches once in a while. The fancy shit are rdally lavish things you read about online: Option A is simple, without all the glitz and glamour. They emphasize Friends with perks really work like passion, curiosity, and camaraderie without defining themselves by perks.

Option B is icing heavy and cake light. The basic shit is assumed and included as an afterthought.

The other company you Friends with perks really work an offer from is a social network called Schmoogle. It is consistently voted one of the best places to work because it has all the fancy shit you can imagine: So you take the fancy job and have your first week at Schmoogle.

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You spend lunch time in the cafe meeting new friends, ride bikes during the break time, and get tons of new supplies like a Macbook Air, a fancy monitor, and a new phone. Then, in your second week, work starts.

You knew it was coming, but the first week was so much fun that you totally forgot about it. Fdiends, as it just so happens, during your first week of real work the Friends with perks really work at Schmoogle runs out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, your favorite cereal. A few weeks after the Cinnamon Toast Crunch incident, you visit your friend at another fancyshit company called Spitter.

Holy crap, you say to yourself, their gym is HUGE. You know, it kinda puts things in perspective.

Friends with perks really work

For the love of God. Are you fucking kidding me Schmoogle?

The one thing reason why you look forward to coming to work on Thursdays has just peros canceled. Why do you hate me so much?

“The appeal of working for an airline is being able to travel when the perks of working for an airline really worth the irregular hours, lower pay and hard work? Or, if you want to go away with your sig-o or best friend, many. Perks at work—a topic employees and potential candidates discuss when considering the total value of a company. People talk about job perks with their friends, mention it on social media, and . Can perks really help lower our turnover rate?. I also found out some of my friends had known and hadn't told me. how painful and terrible, here are some lessons and perks (woah!) of getting cheated on and from the experience I had. This isn't how life works. I have a really bad memory, so I don't really remember life before him, before talking to.

Look, if you were going to cancel yoga, you could Friends with perks really work at LEAST given me a warning ahead of time so I could have peerks up for spinning class.

Whew — this will give you a chance to unwind and get happy. On Monday you get back from Germany and head to work.

You decide to make a piece of toast with honey and peanut butter. You see, you set yourself up to fail when you pick a job based on the perks. Because when shit goes down, so do they.

So, if you ever have to decide between the fancy shit or the basic shit, make sure to put most of the emphasis on the basic shit, not whether or not they give out free headphones. BY Sidd Finch.

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